Prioritise Your Well-being

Get Focused on Your Week

Set A Realistic Plan



In a funk

Overwhelmed by work and family

Isolated by home working

Power-Up With Coaching


These quick online coaching sessions are designed to boost motivation during these uncertain times. It's a perfect way to gain a quick flash of inspiration and, more importantly, prioritise your own well-being by taking time for you.

The simple and quick session is designed to;

  • Refocus your attention

  • Unlock barriers

  • Increase productivity 

  • Prioritise personal well-being

  • Get a realistic plan

Fast, effective & empowering 20-minute session


Amy, Business Owner

Asha helps cut through the worry and all the other things I am thinking of to get a clear picture of what I need to focus on to drive my business. She asks relevant, focused questions making people commit to actions.

Talking through this with you I can see the issues more clearly now, I just have to tackle them, at least I have a plan! And enjoying time with the girls is not something to feel guilty about.

Realising we as a family are in this together.  Everyone's willing to be involved but are not used to it - let them in! 

Also prioritising my happy space is a way to help my family.

Mia, Project Funding Manager

Kate, Marketing Director & Home Schooling Mum

How it Works
Fast, effective & empowering 20-minute online session

Coaching provides a non-judgmental space to openly and honestly share your current experiences and then use the time to collaboratively figure out how to take meaningful action.  


Coaching covers areas such as:


Dealing with the loneliness of working from home

Developing ways of working whilst looking after a family 

Finding motivation during a time of uncertainty

Revisiting goals and creating realistic action plans whilst home working

Developing a positive approach to Identifying a work schedule that increases your productivity

Why Free? 
Simply, I want to help & I love what I do

As a trained coach, I’m well aware of the importance of wellbeing, especially when experiencing uncertainty. As our lives become less predictable our stress responses increase and can become unmanageable. I've plenty of experience of how to support people and have a  whole toolbox of tips, techniques and exercises to assist people.


A big part of what I do is encouraging individuals to prioritise themselves, take care of their wellbeing mentally and physically - right now this essential. 


As a coach, I value being able to support and facilitate personal growth, I am offering my skills and experience because we all need a bit of help now and then and I want to be able to contribute to helping us progress through this unprecedented crisis. 


Please feel free to find out more about my coaching experience and qualifications


Drop me a line,  and let me know what you need right now to keep things moving in your life.

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