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Your Career NOT JUST A JOB

Take bold action regarding your career that works for you.

The Career Clarity Programme identifies and works with your strengths, helping you build confidence, clarity and purpose.


  • Understand your true value as the professional you are

  • Define the career path you want - it’s more than just a job

  • Build your inner confidence & motivation to take the next step in your career 

  • Work with a coach to support and challenge you with your progress

  • Establish a practical plan of action that works with your busy life

 Hate your job?

Feel too comfortable?

Desire a complete career change but no clue how to start? 

more than a job
SIMPLE process 

Career improvements in 3 simple steps


- Uncover achievements and strengths you’ve long forgotten about
- Pinpoint what that make you, you - we go beyond your skills 
- Decipher what motivates you and also what stops you in your tracks 



- Visualise your future career - what it looks, sounds, feels like
- Set out a career statement linking your personal uniqueness to ideal your future career choice. 

03. MAP


- Define how you make it a reality and what else your career development needs
Establish a realistic action plan with manageable milestones


Take bold action 

Find clarity in your vision, identify the challenges blocking you, and come up with an action plan to make improvements to your life in a free 30-minute breakthrough call.

During my time with Asha I learned so much about what I find important in a role, my strengths and my values. With guidance I discovered what I am truly looking for in a career, which differed greatly from my initial expectations. Asha doesn’t use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ programme, which meant that my coaching sessions were tailored to my own needs to give me genuinely useful insights into what I should aim for and overall goals when it comes to my career path. 

Vicky, Head of Brand


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