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What am I paying for?

Time, energy and knowhow. Someone to ensure your keep progressing. A challenger of your current way of thinking. Coaching covers all these factors which can create barrier that tend to get in the way of your personal progress so you can focus on you and getting what you want. Each programme include a variety of tools and techniques so you can keep learning and developing as a person. There are three different routes to coaching, each include - 1-2-1 sessions within the Explore. Design. Map. framework - Weekly self discovery activities for continuous personal development - Access to mindfulness meditations - Access to supporting articles, workbooks and material - Supporting podcast for the journey (coming soon)

How can I justify the cost?

Personal investment is invaluable and in the long run it saves your time and effort which are precoius personal recouses. Working with me you focus your energy on activies that make a difference. One of the many benefits of coaching is accountability to your personal goals, as a coach I am here to help you get things done and identify how this can be accomplished. That is the true value in coaching. It might also curb you buying things as a quick fix to make your feel, look or smell good (no guarentes though as we all enjoy a bit of frivolity!)

Is coaching for me?

To answer that, lets chat, you will be able to assess that for yourself. What also may helps is reading about how other coaching clients found their experience.

What happens in a coaching session?

Coaching is a conversation. We will use the three steps of Explore. Design and Map to frame our conversation as we explore what makes you, you. Tools are a useful device in coaching to bring about a fresh perspective on how we operate in life, they can uncover different view points on ourselves, ones we may not be able to currently see or hear before. The beauty of them is ease of use they only require a quick explanation and we can explore more about you. Questions do play a big role in sessions, but it is not like an interview they are used to uncover where you might be holding yourself back or identify solutions to how you can progress. Homework forms part of each session (setting and gaining feedback) and it is more than keeping momentum going it is further opportunitities for you to reflect, build awarenss or test out new ways of thinking and behaving. Accountablity plays a key part in our relationship, but you will not be accountable to me. We are a team. I offer an alliance to help you achieve . We co-create an agreement about what accountablility looks like for you and how I, as a coach, can assist. Finally, at then end of each session I will write up a brief summary of our discussion. This is an open document for our working relationship and will be added to weekly. It will include our goal, areas covered, ideas and homework.

What qualifications do you have?

Growth or personal development is an important personal value, I have the desire to learn and vigorous determination to increase my abilities as a coach.

  • PGCert Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes
  • PGDip in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes
  • MA in Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring from Oxford Brookes - Completion September 2019
  • Member of Association of Coaching
  • City & Guildes Creative Visualisation
  • Reiki Level 1, Usui Reiki First Degree

Why do you offer a free consultation?

Trust is important and that starts with us talking honestly and openly about goals, expectations and dispelling myths and fears. The free no obligation consultation is a quick and simple way for you get to decide if what I offer is right for you. If not then we just leave it at that.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a powerful, practical learing and develolopmental process for personal growth and success.

The Honest Coaches approach use the three steps of Explore. Design and Map to frame the coaching conversation. Together, in partnership we explore what makes you, you, your values and drivers for life. This wisdom is channeled into working on your future goal.


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