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My philosophy is to inspire personal growth one engagement at a time, by simplifying how we think about ourselves and our lives. 




My approach blends frameworks, philosophies and techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Coaching, Transactional Analysis and Mindfulness, drawing on elements of Gestalt and Positive Psychology. Through open, honest conversation and listening to your metaphors, stories and analogies, we will discover what thinking is holding you back and implement manageable, action oriented solutions.


The five programmes have been developed and refined over the past few years of coaching and training individuals from all walks of life. Everything I coach on, I’ve first hand experience of, having spent 15 years in high pressured commercial environments and just live life. Through my own training and education I have developed a deep understanding of what underpins our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I also understand the pressures of work and home life, the programmes I offer have been specifically developed to work with our busy lives. 


Coaching is forward looking.

Coaching works with the here and now, not the distant past. 

Coaching is about achieving positive results in your life, whether it's a big audacious goal, or something simpler like finding time to go to the gym. 

  • MA Coaching & Mentoring, Oxford Brookes

  • PCert Coaching, Oxford Brookes

  • PDip Coaching, Oxford Brookes

  • City & Guilds Creative Visioning & Visualisation

  • Reiki Level 1, Usui Reiki First Degree 

Coaching helps to break the cycle of thinking that gets in the way & holds you back.



I decided to make a change career after realising I was drained of all energy, felt out of sync with my life and dreaded going to work.


After15 successful years in digital communications I realised I was no longer energised by managing big objectives, big budgets and big teams. The self help books were piling up, but I wasn't able on my own to create lasting change. The affirmations and positive thinking helped, but my inner turmoil was building and so was my anxiety.  I was living in my head thinking about 'what ifs' and not knowing hot to make a change.  I hired a coach.

The coaching gave me instant support from someone with know how and insight to understand my experience and my thinking. I could finally hear the big assumptions I had about myself and about my situation and, crucially, the coach helped me challenge them. I was finally able to look at myself objectively and pinpoint what made me, me. I identified my core values - engagement, support, challenge, growth and change - then defined a career statement that reflected them. 

Finding your life direction is about stripping back many ingrained assumptions about yourself; identifying who we are today, not who you were yesterday and visualising who we need to be. I needed to be a coach. On reflection I'd know this for a while; I'd always been the person my colleagues and my team confided in, always - perhaps unknowingly at the time - had an ability to blend empathy with an ability to challenge them constructively and enable them to look at the bigger picture. 

I knew I needed to change, I just wasn't sure how to. Positive, action oriented coaching allowed me to identify and implement my change. My reality is now helping others identify and understand their change, whatever that might be. 

I genuinely enjoyed not just the sessions, but the tasks I was given to do in my own time. These assignments gave me time to think about the future when I was at home and either feeling inspired or relaxed. I gained so much value from Asha’s flexible style; which picked up on things which I had said - but not necessarily registered as important. These shaped the form of my bespoke sessions and meant I took a lot more away than if I was just following a set of defined questions. 

Vicky, Head of Brand


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