Life Hack: How To Plan Your Future Without Stress

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Reduced the pressure and the sense of there not being enough time with this simple life hack.

Time, friend or enemy? Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

Time is often seen as the villain; it’s either chasing us, or we are chasing it. The pressures from feeling there is never enough time in one day to do everything are enormous. Then we add the feeling of guilt and frustration for not ticking off the to-do list during the course of a day. That big life changing goal or project now seems even more difficult to accomplish. What now?

The truth is, time doesn't have it in for us.
The truth is, a lack of time is never our problem. We just think it is.
The truth is, we are never realistic with our estimation and understanding of time.
The truth is, we don’t prioritise what we want to achieve.

It’s a question of how important something is to us, or, put another way, we are in the habit of choosing to prioritise other things over our ambition, our success, our desires for something new. Ironically, reframing our attitude towards time, takes time, but a quick and easy starting place is to use a skill we already possess; scheduling.

The Importance of Scheduling

Scheduling is the art of planning activities and to kick-start our goal, it’s an essential skill that you have most likely underestimated, until now. Your to-do list is the place where you define and organise what you’re going to do. Your calendar is used to identify when you’re going to do those things and how much time is needed to complete them. Here’s how:

5 Easy Steps to Scheduling Your Future

  • Identify the time you have available in the average day & week. So estimate how much time you spend sleeping, commuting, doing school drop offs & homework, cooking, working & any other essential life-stuff. Tot-up the total.

  • Review your list of essential life-stuff and identify any tasks that can be delegated, outsourced, reduced in frequency or cut altogether from your weekly schedule for the time your goal or project has. Recalculate the total.

  • Establish project time or the time needed for the big project. Within the video I show you how easy that can be. Tot-up the total.

  • Identify any nice-to-have activities, such as holidays, date nights, friends, exercise and hobbies etc. and how much time you spend weekly on these things.

  • Identify non-negotiables or what you would like to keep for the duration of the project - these becomes non-negotiable. I recommend always having some time out, to ensure friendships and relationships do not suffer.

  • Use a calendar (what ever format works for you) and plug in essential life-stuff, big project tasks, and your non-negotiables.

  • Review weekly and set a time to assess what you have on in the following week. See what you have

Here’s my own example of me using this technique to plan out my own 52 week long big project:

Why using a calendar works?

  • Calendar stops the sense of not knowing what to do next

  • Calendar acts as a reminder

  • Calendar acts as a filter against distractions - focuses on priorities

  • Calendar shows if you can take on any more

  • Calendar acts as a reminder of what you have achieved over the month

When you schedule time for tasks in your calendar, you’re literally making time for work, for you and for your goal.

Easy Way to Create a Shift in Attitude

This process also starts to reframe your attitude towards time as you learn to:

- Be realistic & honest about what is important to you

- Ask for help from others Learn to say no - avoid taking on more than you can handleWork towards your own future

Time is the one resource that we can't buy, but we often waste it or use it ineffectively. Scheduling helps you think about what you want to achieve in a day, week, or month, and it keeps you on track to accomplish your goals.

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