Quick Technique to Break Free of Procrastination

In just 15 minutes you can break free of procrastination, just follow these easy steps.

Protection from Uncertainty - Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Are you stuck? Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure of what to do first? You maybe experiencing project paralysis, where the desire to progress is out weighed by the overwhelming idea of getting started, you can break free, because being stuck is a great place for change.

Before embarking on a big project, something new, something life changing, that demands our attention, energy and time, we sense an apprehension. A belief that we are not capable rises. We become paralysed. Unable to take the first step and our self confidence plummets.

It’s not an uncommon experience before starting anything new, whether it be a new business, a house renovation, a career change, a big trip, or delivering a speech, we get overwhelmed and then we start to doubt ourselves;

You ask yourself, ‘How can I possibly get this all done?’
You tell yourself there isn’t enough time.
You replay in your mind why this is not a good idea.
You are now caught in a procrastination loop.

Procrastination - Our Protection Blanket

Procrastination happens when we prioritise our current state of emotions ahead of our future goal. We are attempting to avoid ‘potential or perceived potential’ negative emotions that could occur by taking the first step. But we have to give ourselves a break, it’s our coping mechanism, our protection blanket and, although not productive, our mind and body think they’re doing the right thing so be kind to yourself and recognise its just an automatic reaction but it is not a permanent one, we have the ability to change things.

So you are stuck, what now?

Here is a really quick and simple technique that helps you take the first step and express some of those thoughts that are rolling around in your head. It’s short, simple and quick and just requires post-it notes, a pen & 15-minutes of your time. It’s called; You Think-It, You Post-it

You Think-It, You Post-It

  • Think of your desired goal or project and release the thoughts - All ideas, thoughts, emotions, fears, options, wants, desires, goals, process, logistics, what ever springs to mind, write them on post-it notes

  • It’s a good idea to make them short & snappy so try and summarise in one or two words

  • Once you are done, take a big deep breath in and let go of all the tension. All your thinking is now out of your head

How does that feel?

Real World Example

Here’s my example of my own big project, that will stretch over 52-weeks. See how I motivated myself and stopped procrastination getting in the way by using this quick and easy technique:

My next post shows you how your post-it noted thoughts can be moulded in to a plan, as I take you through more simple tips and techniques for breaking the cycle of being stuck and getting what you desire from life. #MyFutureStartsNow

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