prioritise you

Simplify your life and control the lists so they dont't control you 

You can do everything, not all at once

The To-Do Overload Programme identifies what drives you to keep adding and develops personal priorities and strategies for you to choose what to do, delete or delegate. 


  • Empowerment -  you get to choose what is on your list

  • Reorganise - to establish a list that fits with your life and your priorities 

  • Slow down - mange your goals and tasks effortlessly 

  • Build your inner confidence & motivation to make  big decisions about whats on the list

  • Get personal support as well be challenged as you work through the list

  • Establish a practical plan of action that works with your busy life

Multiple lists?


Add more than cross off?

Not enough time?

get organised - get selective

Rebalance your to-do list in 3 easy steps

SIMPLE process


- Define what you really want and have to do  (priorities for both work and life)

- Establish time pressures and bottlenecks
- Clarify what's is driving the to-dos and making the list bigger 



- Visualise your future

- Establish strategies for successful list management & boundaries that can’t be crossed 

- Make an contact with yourself defining responsibility and accountability 

3. MAP


- Define how you get there by taking a wider view of what else and who else can help you
- Establish realistic action plans with micro-goals and rewards 


Coaching made things clearer - before I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was on a locomotive going 100mph and I was too scared to jump off (maybe because I thought " if i did" I couldn’t get back on). But slowing has helped me be more focused,  provoked my thinking and more inciteful."

Anita, Business Owner


Find clarity in your vision, identify the challenges blocking you, and come up with an action plan to make improvements to your life in a free 30-minute breakthrough call.


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